Thursday 29 November 2012

Riven Blog Tour: Character Interview

Hey guys!  Today I'm delighted to be helping Alivia Anders celebrate the upcoming release of the third and final installment in the Illumine Series by taking part in this tour.  I recently read Illumine and Obumbrate, the first two, and can honestly say I really enjoyed them!  Please do go and add them to your to-read lists.

Today we have a special guest!  Readers and reviewers, I introduce to you...Kayden!  Who is he, you ask?  Well, read on and you'll find out! :)

Hello, Kayden! First of all, loving the name. It’s amazing having you here. Why don’t you start by telling readers a little bit about yourself?

Come now, darling, I don’t like to kiss and tell. Well, I don’t like to kiss and tell often. Perhaps I’ll make an exception, just for you? You can call me Kayden, the ever-infuriating demon continuously bothering dear Essallie. She’s quite the silly, hot-headed girl.
What does it feel like to be summoned, physically and emotionally (let’s pretend for a moment you have a heart :P)?
If I had a heart, I would imagine summoning would induce what your mortals refer to as a heart attack. Demons are comprised solely of our essence; to mortals, it appears as a smokey substance. Summoning us forces our essence through various timelines, planes, and realms as the incantation drags us to our calling point. It’s rather gut-twisting. 
When you’re not hanging around with Essalie, teaching her to handle her fire, playing with fire yourself by constantly taunting her and generally making your presence known, what do you do with yourself?
Come a little closer, what I do in my spare time isn’t for the prude to hear. Although, on occasion I’ll taunt Ari for amusement. He’s quite the hot-head himself.
What do you think of Essalie? We won’t tell if you don’t want her to know.
I briefly wonder if you would tell her, not that it matters. She’s a silly girl, an unfortunate with a time-bomb running in her tiny mortal veins. I feel pity for her. She’ll never have the ‘normal’ mortal life you humans so desperately search for.
She keeps asking how you do that thing where your arm disappears and it comes back healed. For the record, that’s a very cool trick. Are we ever going to find out how you do that?
All in the essence, my dear.
You have some demons of your own (pun intended). Do you think you’ll ever be ready to share them with Essie?
My past is not something to touch upon. Some demons, even ones I could handle without qualm, are best left to the past.
Of course you have your own agenda when it comes to her, but what are your thoughts generally when it comes to Nephilim, the reasons they exist and the powers they have? What about the way they’re treated? Would you prefer it another way? Have your thoughts changed over time?
By the standard definition, Nephilim are half-angel, half-mortal creatures, damned and vile. At least, that’s what we have given the mortal world to use and feed their wild imaginations. Nephilim, and their true destiny, is to restore and maintain the balance between mortal and supernatural, and remove those who cannot keep themselves quiet among the supernatural world. I have seen both sides of how the Nephilim have been treated, and how they treat those around them. It varies from one to the next, but overall most Nephilim carry a natural ability to see the better of the world, instead of feeding into the negative. I do believe that every Nephilim should carry a balance of light and dark within them; the last pure Nephilim I met, Lucy, was tragically murdered in battle, because she believed even the blackest of hearts could find redemption.
Without wanting to spoil anything, do you see a way out from what is, at the very least, a dire situation at the end of Obumbrate?
Most definitely. Can’t guarantee we’d all survive with all our limbs, though.
What do you think of Ari?
Charming little hormonal child. He would do good with a little time to grow-up.
If you knew you were going to die soon, how would you spend the time you had left?
Assuming I could actually, fully, completely die? I’ve always held a fond admiration for the beach. My final moments would be filled with sand, sun, and perhaps a lovely blonde-haired woman.
Last question. If you had to pick one eye colour to stick with, which would you go for?
Black. You can’t tell what someone is thinking when their eyes are black; all you see is darkness.
Hmm, he certainly makes a good point there! Although I imagine it would be disturbing actually looking at them. ;)  Kayden, folks! *He disappears in smoke after giving a lazy smile*


  1. I wouldn't know if I'd want to interview a demon but after reading the interview, I kinda wanna assume that Kayden is not evil, although he really tries hard to make others believe that he is all bad and up to no good. And I giggled when I read how he'd prefer to die on a beach with the sun shining. I had always thought that demons were afraid of the light? LOL!

  2. Oh I love the sound of this Kayden guy already and I haven't even read the books! I love his arrogance and charm, I can totally see myself warming up to him in this series! Thank you for introducing us to this fab series A! :)

  3. Oh my, Kayden sounds... interesting! ;) I am already more than entertained by him here and look forward to meeting him in the books. Brilliant character interview. :)

  4. Kayden is quite the guy! I would love to meet him, too. :) Great interview, you two! I'll definitely have to look out for this book. :)

  5. Kayden, is something else, isn't he? I'm glad your enjoying this series. This was a wonderful interview, Aa'Ishah. :)


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