Thursday 25 April 2013

A Voice from Beyond the Student Grave

Hey, guys.

So you may have noticed that my blog has been fairly empty lately, that I haven't been commenting on your blogs, and/or that, while I am on GoodReads, I haven't been commenting as much.  The sad, simple reason for that is, it's that time of year again.  Revision, exams, feeling like a total zombie...all of these things mean that time is even less on my side than usual.  I wouldn't even be reading if it weren't for the fact that I went insane a few weeks ago and borrowed too many books, and now I have to finish them by the due date.  (My library is appalling, so imagine my surprise when I found out it actually had a bunch of books I wanted to read.)

I've got 4 school weeks and one week off (except since I have to go in I'm not really off) until my exams start and, while saying it like that might make them seem far away, they're really not.  And in the meantime I've got loads to do.  Assuming I survive, of course.


That's not to say this is going to be a totally blank space in that time.  I do have some upcoming blog tours, and you can check those out by clicking the tab at the top.  There's also a cover reveal, and I'll be putting up a few extra reviews here and there, so do keep an eye out.

I'm really sorry, and thank you all so much for being so understanding.  Hugs to everyone. <3


  1. We'll be here when you get less busy--I rememver the days of exams. I still have nightmares! I look forward to your blog tours and reviews :-) I'm sure you'll do wonderful on your exams.

  2. We all understand, Aa'Ishah! I've had to take breaks before because of school work and, honestly, I think it's better if you do it sometimes because it means you haven't got as much presure on you. We'll still be here when you're get back!

  3. Best of luck on all of your exams, and we'll eagerly await your return :-)

  4. Aa'Ishah, I've definitely noticed your absence in the blogosphere, but I understand! All of the UK bloggers (including my own co-blogger Beverley) are super busy during this time period it seems, so we totally get it! I hope you do well in your exams and come back ready to blog your butt off! In the meantime, I'll be looking forward to your blog tour posts. Good luck, we miss you! :)

  5. Take aaaaaalll the time you need, Aa'Ishah! Exams only happen once (the majority of the time) so focus on that and we'll be waiting for you to come back :)

  6. Best of luck in your exams Aa'Ishah, I look forward to seeing you back in action when you're ready :)

  7. Good luck with all your work, exams, etc Aa"Ishah!!!!!!!


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