Friday, 7 September 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Apparently Lady Fortune is on my side.

Two fantabulous bloggers have nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  First by the amazing Kim at the YA Book Geek.  Please, please go check out her blog, she is so funny and her reviews are absolutely brilliant!  Then, in the time between getting that email and now, I found out that the wonderful Emma at Never Judge a Book by its Cover also nominated me.  Another gorgeous blog you need to go check out.  Thank you so much, ladies!

OK, so the rules:
1.        Write something about the Beautiful Blogger who nominated you.  Se above.
2.       Share 7 things about yourself.

 Well, here goes nothing: seven ‘interesting’ facts coming right up.
1.       Sometimes when I’m having trouble sleeping I like to take a scene from a book and play it in my head, tweaking it so that it fits how I would have written it.
2.       I have a lot of trouble sleeping.  I’m not one of those people who can fall asleep two seconds after getting into bed (I’m looking at you, brother).  My fate is to lie awake for ages in frustration.
3.       I love history.  All kinds of history, but especially early modern, and a bit of medieval.  My friends try to sell me on maths and science, but I won’t have it.  Nuh-uh.
4.       I currently volunteer at a heritage site. Tres amazing.
5.       I mentally tell my overactive mind to shut up sometimes.  What?  Saying it out loud would just be weird.
6.       I now know how to do the Charleston, thanks to summer school.
7.       I suck at sports.  Probably why I hate it.

And now, presenting...*drumroll* nominees!
1.       Ink and Tea Reviews
2.       Courtney Reads a Lot
4.       Bookworm in Love
5.       Ebony Black Lines
6.       Gabby Reads
7.       Kaleidoscope World
All of these are awesome, amazing blogs, so be sure to stop by!  Once again, a massive thank you to Kim and Emma for nominating me. :)


  1. Number 1 is something that I do ALL THE TIME, not just when I'm lying awake. I also have a lot of trouble sleeping, which has suited me well actually as it gives me 2 or 3 hours to read before I'm tired enough to fall asleep. :)

    Congrats on being nominated twice!

  2. Congrats on receiving another award!! Sorry to learn that you have trouble sleeping. I sometimes direct my mind to have happy thoughts and giggling somehow relaxes me into sleep. Maybe you could try it too :)

  3. Aawww, thank you for nominating me, Aa'Ishah! It makes me really happy. It also motivates me to put more effort into making my blog worthy of your compliments!

    Btw, we can totally be twins. Except for the sports part, Charleston and volunteer work... okay maybe fraternal twins? Haha.

  4. Awww, thanks so much for nominating me, Aa'Ishah! It means a lot!

    I also have trouble sleeping from time to time and envy people who can go to sleep right away. I hope your sleeping problems are solved! And I suck at sports too. Which is why i love reading so much more. And why gym was a living nightmare in school. Dodgeball especially! haha

  5. Thanks lot Aa'Ishah!!
    I loved this one - I mentally tell my overactive mind to shut up sometimes. What? Saying it out loud would just be weird.
    Here is my post in reply -
    Bloggy Award

  6. I got this award too! I haven't had a chance to post it but I felt pretty good when I got it :-)


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