Friday, 20 July 2012

On a Side Note

Hey everyone!

So the school year is officially, finally over.  Which means sleep! Lots and lots of it. *Rubs hands in gleeful anticipation*  Of course, this post wouldn't mean as much to you guys unless I also told you that the summer holidays essentially means more TIME.  Not just time to sleep, but also to read, review and blog.  So with any luck, I will hopefully be updating more regularly than I have been.  Did I say time, what time, I have so much stuff to do in only a month! I'm so excited!  I've been looking forward to these holidays for MONTHS!

So with that, I'm gonna go and pick another book to read!

Right after an afternoon nap.

See ya guys.

I couldn't decide which was cuter


  1. Oh, both images look so adorable and cute :)

  2. Yay! It's always good to have some more time. It's strange how for most of us that always equals more blogging time. ;) I hope you enjoy your summer holidays! :)

  3. Yayy, congrats! Have a great summer! Can't wait to see even more stuff from you.

  4. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do aside from reading and blogging too! Haha! Hope you have a wonderful summer, A! Looking forward reading more of your posts. :D

  5. YAYYYYYY! CONGRATZZZ<3 My holidays only just ended and I already have LOADS of exams coming up:( But hope you have an AMAZINGGG summer<3 Stay safe :) hehee

  6. Yay for the holidays Aa'Ishah, I really wish I was back at school for the holidays alone! Enjoy catching up on sleep and reading a lot more :)


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